Chris Young Feeling Pressured This Holiday Season 

Posted: 6:21 am Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

By Staff Writer

CMA 2016 Country Christmas

Don’t you have this favorite dish, a dish that if it is not on the table at Christmas time, then it won’t feel like Christmas at all? Chris Young has one of those and its not your usual Christmas turkey or casserole… He said, quote, “A Christmas dish I have to have [are] cheese biscuits, which is basically just butter and cheese and biscuit dough. All the things that are bad for you, but just absolutely amazing.” Chris does his part to earn those biscuits . . . by being there to help with the decorations. Quote, “We always decorate the tree as a family. I go to my parents’ house and we always decorate their tree together. Always.” Sounds a little bit like Chris is worried that if he doesn’t help his family decorate the tree every year, he can kiss those cheese buscuits goodbye… LOL what do you think? I wonder if they listen to his christmas album while setting up the tree?