Maren Morris uses Twitter to tell off someone trying to sell her autograph 

Posted: 6:35 am Monday, December 19th, 2016

By Staff Writer


Friday afternoon was quite entertaining for Maren Morris and her band mate due to an ebay seller trying to sell a pick guard that Maren Morris signed for a fan who was trying to resell it for $100 profit. She posted to twitter as her guitarists confronted the seller for her…

Morris’s tweets stated “My guitar player is kid of bada**. He bid $5 on a pick guard I politley signed which the eBay guy marked up for $100, his profit.”

The eBay seller told her guitarist, “This isn’t a charity” — to which he comically replied, “Neither is Maren Morris.”

“I will gladly take pictures and sign autographs, but it blows when people just use it for profit and they aren’t even fans,” Morris clarifies. “But I laughed!” 

See the tweets below