Miranda Lambert Buys Herself a Home in Austin, TX for Christmas 

Posted: 6:13 am Monday, December 19th, 2016

By Staff Writer


This is a photo of a house Miranda and Blake owned together in Nashville, TN

When Blake and Miranda were married, the two owned many houses. I mean they had 3 homes in Tennessee, they had one in Oklahoma, and they had more than that too but when the divorce happened, no one really knows who got what, which houses got sold and all that. But this Christmas, Miranda decided to treat herself with a VERY nice present. She bought herself a house in her home town of Austin, Texas. Miranda states, “I actually just bought a house in Austin, Texas. It’s just kind a…it’s a creative city and it’s my home state. My brother lives there and my family is three hours away so, I went down there for a little bit and I went for two days and ended up staying two weeks and fell in love with a house. I’m excited it’s just a place to get away and be creative my home state there’s something that warms my heart about having a place there. I remembered why I loved it. I kinda fell in love with it all over again.” Pictures to come the second they are available… because, trust us, we want to see the inside of this house too! LOL