Sam Hunts New Album Will Show You His Vulnerable Side 

Posted: 5:56 am Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

By Staff Writer


2017 has already been quite the year for Mr. Sam Hunt. I mean its only January 4th and he has already released a new song for the first time in 2 years AND we found out he is, in fact, engaged to his long time girlfriend, Hannah Lee Fowler. Hannah was the muse behind Sams Montavello Album and she is the person Sam Hunt addressed his new song “Drinkin To Much” to. As Sam shares, his whole next album is gonna get more personal, “My hope is that the next record, I wanna be even more vulnerable and more honest than I was on the first record even and that’s obviously gonna require me to write the songs if I’m gonna tap into my own life and really if I want that record to reflect real experience in my life then I’m gonna have to write the songs. So, that’s something that I wanna do.”