Sam Hunt shares how he proposed to fiance, Hannah Lee Fowler 

Posted: 5:59 am Thursday, January 26th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Yesterday was a big day for everyone. I mean find out that Sam Hunt is going out on tour again AND he has a new single coming out! HUGE. But while announcing his new tour and single on NASH’s Ty, Kelly and Chuck Mornings, Sam Hunt also took some time to share the story of his recent engagement to his long time girl friend Hannah Lee Fowler. He stated, “I realized she was meant to be a part of my life and when I realized that as fast as I could I went to try to convince her that that was the was it needed to be. We actually got into this little disagreement just before I planned on asking her to marry me, the night I was gonna ask her and it escalated to a point where we got real for a minute after this little riff we had, yeah. And in that moment it just felt perfect and everything once I asked her to marry me all the little you know whatever it was we were arguing about just fizzled away and we celebrated and got excited together, so…” Below is a tease from his new single set to come out soon along with his headlining acts for his “15 in a 30 tour!