Kenny Chesney Admits “The Bar at The End of The World” is all about a Key West Bar 

Posted: 6:44 am Friday, January 27th, 2017

By Staff Writer

We all know Kenny Chesney is a HUGE beach go-er. He loves the beach, boating, surfing, fishing, anything you can do in Key West. And that includes drinking at some of his favorite bars. Kenny Chesney describes why he loves the bars in Key West so much. There is something unique about them…  “You go to any bars in Key West, or you go into the islands and see all these bars where people have written their name on the side of the walls or written their name on…where they’ve given a certain bar their boat flag with the name of their boat on it, and all of them are hanging from the ceilings and everybody has signed them. And there’s dollar bills, there’s license plates, there’s shirts hanging everywhere from somebody’s home town, but they want their hometown and they want themselves represented in such a unique place, and such a beautiful place that holds so much life.”