Carrie Underwood Plays Hilarious Game of “Speak Out” 

Posted: 6:05 am Monday, January 30th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Pigs have proper manners. #gamenight #speakout #friends #fridaynight

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If you’ve seen video’s of how to play this game… you know that’s it’s nothing short of hilarious. Well over the weekend, Carrie Underwood had a big chuckle while playing the game. Its called Speak Out. In a video posted to her Instagram account on Saturday (posted above), Underwood is seen attempting to say, “Pigs have proper manners,” while wearing a large, uncomfortable-looking plastic mouthpiece. While she gets the first part of the sentence, she breaks into laughter before she can finish. Underwood also shared several pictures from the game night event, with several of her friends wearing similar mouthpieces that contorted their faces into odd grins.