LBT Talk About Luke Bryan’s Pressure of Singing The National Anthem 

Posted: 6:26 am Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

By Staff Writer

Little Big Town just sang The National Anthem for the big College Championship game. SO they are seasoned professionals when it comes to The National Anthem and they know the pressures that go along with singing it. Everyone is watching, everyone is critiquing, and everyone will talk about it if its messed up. That’s just the way our world is today. Little Big Town talked about it among-st each other about how hard it was for them, but the faith they have in Luke Bryan.

Kimberly: “So Luke’s (Bryan) gonna have fun.”  

Karen: “He’s gonna be great. I’m proud, I’m so proud it’s country music.”  

Phillip: “ I know it’s great, he ‘s gonna kill it and…“He’s a great singer.”

Karen: “…and I just hope people are just kind. It’s so hard to sing the anthem, you guys sing it…

Jimi: (laughs) I mean, sing it (laughs) and remember all the words, everybody is so critical on social media of people singing it, I’m like, ‘Well you stand here and sing it. Yeah let’s hear you.”

Phillip: “And the range from the lowest note to the highest note is incredible.” (Jimi) “It’s crazy.”