Dierks Bentley Connects with Fans on a Whole New Level 

Posted: 6:17 am Friday, February 3rd, 2017

By Staff Writer


We have all been there… we are dying to see one of our favorite artists, but we can’t afford tickets that will get us a good view. But we want to see them so bad so we buy the cheapest seats in the house so we are still able to attend. Well… here’s something to think about if you have super crappy seats at a Dierks Bentley concert. Chances are, he was sitting in THAT very spot just a few hours earlier.

Way before the show starts he finds what he considers the worst seat in the house, and then parks himself there to get a little perspective on what that fan will be experiencing.

He says, quote, “I sit there and think, ‘Okay, how can I sing to this person who will be sitting right here? How can I make them feel the music? Feel the lyrics?’ I’m very conscious about every seat in the house.”

Believe it or not, he finds similarities in the huge venues he performs in today, and the tiny clubs where he worked for tips.

Quote, “I look how I started out, having to connect to people physically or through the music. I do the same thing now, whether it be high-fiving somebody or diving out into the crowd or just breaking down the wall with the words to my songs.”