Brantley Gilbert Admits He is Terrified of Having A Daughter 

Posted: 6:17 am Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Brantley Gilbert spills the beans that he and his wife Amber would definitely like to have a couple of kids sometime in the future.  Yeah, and when that time comes, let’s just hope they’re both boys . . . for everyone’s safety and sanity…

He tells, “I’m terrified of having a little girl.  You hear people [who] have daughters say, ‘Oh, I’ll go to jail.’  But, no, I really will . . . I’ll go to prison.

And like most fathers, it has nothing to do with the girly stuff guys have to learn about to be able to relate to a daughter, or the cost of a daughter over a son… its 100% about the fact that he is scared she will someday meet someone, JUST. LIKE. HIM! Quote, “If a dude comes up my driveway that looks, talks, and acts anything like me, I’m going to stab him as many times as humanly possible.

“I feel bad for that guy already . . . I may just line the driveway with bikers, my brothers, and say, ‘Son, look.  Anything you do to her, every one of them is gonna do to you.’