Keith Urban Played Hard To Get With Wife, Nicole Kidman When They First Met 

Posted: 6:07 am Friday, February 10th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Nicole Kidman opened up quite a bit to Ellen on Thursday’s episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show. One thing was that husband Keith Urban played hard to get after they first met back in 2005. “I remember thinking I had such a crush on him and he wasn’t interested in me,” says Kidman. “He didn’t call me for four months.” When Ellen asked if Urban was too shy to ask her out, Kidman replied that the couple has actually never discussed why he waited so long to call. “We’re here now and it’s all good,” Kidman said. “We don’t need to hash up all that stuff.” Ellen then joked, “I don’t know. Seems like he didn’t like you.”