Thomas Rhett Will Be On The Side Of A Cereal Box 

Posted: 5:25 am Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

By Staff Writer


You know you’ve officially “made it” when you get featured on the side of a Cereal Box. Thomas Rhett will be featured on the packaging of 60 General Mills brands that should start showing up at the supermarket on Wednesday. When you enter the code on the box and your zip code at, the Feeding America organization will give five meals to your local food bank. Thomas Rhett and wife have always been involved in charities and good causes, hence why they are adopting a child from Africa.  So the next time you are at Publix or Walmart, and you see Thomas Rhett in the cereal isle, but a few boxes, stair at him, enter the code, and feed some hungry people (including yourself). Everybody wins.