Thomas Rhett Talks About The Pressures Of Headlining a Tour 

Posted: 6:14 am Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

By Staff Writer


It wasn’t that long ago that Thomas Rhett was an opener for the big guns at their big shows and now he is the big gun. He is the headliner, and now he looks back on how he felt going into this tour as a headliner… “I think I was terrified to go out and have all that pressure be on me, but you know, this weekend was just overwhelming – three sold out shows in arenas, and all those people, they’re there to see everybody, but your name is on the ticket now.  And you get to play as long as you want and you get to play songs from the first record, and they know them, which is fun.  And just the energy, honestly, of being a headliner and being crazy terrified about it and watching it actually work was just one of the coolest feelings ever.”