Dustin Lynch Brags About His Small Hometown 

Posted: 5:58 am Friday, March 24th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Everyone gets homesick… Even Dustin Lynch whose hometown isn’t to far from the big city of Nashville where he currently resides as he plays out his country music dreams. Lynch’s hometown is just a few hours away in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Dustin says,  “Tullahoma made me the guy I am and really instilled kinda what I believe in and what I sing about. And so, I like to go back there and let everybody know that hey this place is great, you know. I think a lot of people in small towns grow up and wanna go, ‘Man, I wanna go to the big city this place stinks.’ And what I’ve learned is everybody always comes back. Even my friends that have lived in Vegas or L.A. miss it.”