Video: Chris Lane Joins Britney Spears on Stage To Get Whipped 

Posted: 6:36 am Monday, April 3rd, 2017

By Staff Writer

This video of Chris Lane wearing bondage gear while being led around the stage on all fours… it’s not a joke. And yup, that’s Britney Spears leading him.
While Chris Lane is in Vegas for the ACM Awards, he decided to stop by and see her in concert where she invited him up on stage to join her, but not in the way he probably thought he would join her… like for a song maybe. He said, “I didn’t know what I was going to have to do, so i get up there and they put me in these chains, a collar, and a leash, and made me get on all fours and crawl across the stage, while she was whipping me with a whip. I was laughing so hard. My inner sixteen-year-old self was freaking out.” He captioned his instagram video with “When I woke up yesterday I had no idea my night was gonna go like this 😂😂 @britneyspears thanks for the spankin 😉 #britneyspears#britneyspears #pieceofme