Sam Hunt’s Big Day Is Tomorrow! 

Posted: 6:27 am Friday, April 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer


TMZ has the scoop on Sam Hunt and all his wedding details. According to them he will be officially off the market and a married man Saturday (4/15) after he ties the knot with fiancee Hannah Lee Fowler in his Georgia hometown. Someone may be  in big trouble when the couple finds out the source came from someone involved in the wedding but they spilled the beans to TMZ that the ceremony will go down in Cedartown, Georgia and it will be a small affair — close family and friends only.

But of course this doesnt’ mean that the wedding will be cheap by any means…accroding to TMZ it’s going to be quite the opposite. Renowned Nashville bridal designer Olia Zavozina is designing the perfect outfit for the men and a super expensive wedding dress for Hannah. She’s also dressing Hannah’s bridesmaids.

She recently designed Hunt’s outfit for the ACM Awards… Which we all remember him wearing when he brought attention to his fiance during his performance (posted below). It has also been stated that the ceremony and reception will be videotaped, but Sam and Hannah will NOT sell their wedding photos to any of the mags.

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