Dylan Scott Gets New Puppy & Also Finds It’s Brother On Social Media 

Posted: 4:07 pm Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

By Staff Writer

Meet Brodie!😍

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Dylan Scott announced a few weeks ago that him and his wife got a German Short-Haired Pointer puppy. It’s the cutest thing ever… but the best part of the story is that when Dylan Scott took to Facebook to announce the newest edition to his family, people started commenting on the photo and one comment actually led Dylan to his dogs brother. He tells Taste of Country, “She wrote,’ I picked this one up last week,’”  which matched his own timeline picking up Brodie (his pup) from Alabama. “I looked at her puppy and it looked just like my puppy.”  Then Dylan remembered he had some photos saved to his phone of Brodie’s little from when he was looking for a dog, so he compared them. “Sure enough, the dog she had is my dog’s brother.”

Sunday afternoons are for your girl and your dog!

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