Shania Twain Surprises Crowd With Kelsea Ballerini at Stagecoach 

Posted: 6:20 am Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

By Staff Writer


Kelsea Ballerini joined her hero Shania Twain at the recent Stagecoach Festival in California on stage and sang Twain’s “Any Man Of Mine” with her for the surprised crowd. And whats even better is that Shania Twain and Kelsea have been friends since the Billboard Awards several months back… Kelsea tells us how it happened.  “She called me and she was like, ‘Hey this is Shania. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to like to do that interview for the Billboard Awards.’ And I was like, ‘Oh My gosh, like anything ever for you’ and she was like, ‘I just want you to know we’re all watching you and like you’re doing a really good job.’ And that moment…’cause I’m a new artist and I’m like trying to figure out my next moves all the time and like I’m insecure, I have anxiety about every thing and just to have someone that is the ultimate trail blazer say you’re doing a good job is like this sigh of relief.”