Chris Stapleton Was High and Messed Up Recording Song On New Album 

Posted: 6:12 am Thursday, May 11th, 2017

By Staff Writer


CHRIS STAPLETON’s new album has a weed song called “Them Stems”.  It was inspired by a friend who came into the studio one morning admitting that he had to scrape the bottom of his stash for something to light up.

Chris LOVED the story and wrote the song . . . which, by the way, had four verses.  But the version on the album only has three verses.  And you’ll love the reason why.

He tells “Rolling Stone”, quote, “We were having so much fun recording that song that there is actually a fourth verse we forgot.  Because we might have smoked them stems.  Or at least had too much bourbon.”

Here’s another reason why Chris is awesome.  When it comes to his concerts, what you HEAR is what you get.

Quote, “[My] show isn’t about screens, and we don’t have any video content or lasers or things blowing up.  I want people to come to our show to listen.  I want the show to be the music.”