Thomas Rhett and Wife Take Us Through Their Daughters First 24 Hours In Her New Home 

Posted: 10:13 pm Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

By Staff Writer

PEOPLE got the full story on how Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren spent the first 24 hours in their home with their new daughter, Willa. She arrived at her new Nashville home with her new parents just last week and Thomas Rhett and Lauren had agreed to take it slow since she had just traveled 7,000 miles and more than 30 hours. But according to PEOPLE Lauren said “immediately, she got in my arms and was like, ‘Airplane!’ ” the singer tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue. “I thought, ‘Okay, you haven’t changed a bit and this isn’t fazing you at all!’ ” Then Thomas Rhett added that “she constantly wants to see something new.” Like Thomas Rhett and Lauren’s dogs… Willa had never seen a dog before so for her, she was experiencing so many things she had never seen before. “They are so sweet, but it’s been hilarious watching her try to pet them.”

First walk was a success😎

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PEOPLE reported that Willa went on her first neighborhood walk (“She had her cute little sunglasses on and she barely said a word — she was just taking it in”), tried out her new toy piano (“She’s obsessed with it, so we think she’s going to be a prodigy already!” he jokes) and boogied to Bruno Mars (“Anytime music comes on, she wants to dance.”).