Chris Young Talks About Why He Doesn’t Play New Music Before It’s Released 

Posted: 6:33 am Friday, May 19th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Chris Young has talked about this before, and his points are all valid! He doesn’t like to share brand new music like his new single “Losing Sleep” before it hits the airwaves and he explains why: “I have not played ‘Losing Sleep’ live yet. I’m waiting until it hits radio. It just makes it easier. I’ve never, at least for several records now, I don’t play stuff early, because once you play it then it’s on Youtube, and then people have heard it. I’d rather people hear it the very first time done completely produced, and how I mean to present it to them, and then we can play it live and do whatever the heck we want to on stage with it (laugh). But I haven’t played it yet.”