FGL Admits How They Got Backstreet Boys To Work With Them 

Posted: 6:26 am Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Florida Georgia Line dream big and always have good vibes. They are always looking for new musical inspiration in other genres and help from other artists and FGL believes that their “care-free good vibe” attitude is what brought the Backstreet Boys into their musical lives with “God, Your Mama and Me,” as Brian Kelley shares.”I guess putting those energies and those vibrations out in the world somehow brought Nick Carter on our bus during CMA Fest.  And you know we were playing him that song and a week later they’re cutting vocals on it out in L.A.. And it’s crazy.  It sounds like a big old symphony of vocals and that chorus hits and I think we’re kind of giddy and giggly when they come in singing.  They were a huge part of our younger years, a big soundtrack to our lives and a lot of people’s lives, so you know just to pay homage to them and I can’t wait to do some shows with them and have a good time.”