Kip Moore Wants A Girl That’s Just Like Billy Currington’s Girlfriend 

Posted: 6:25 am Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Kip Moore and Billy Currington are pretty tight. Like so tight that you could say they are the same person because they have so much in common.  They’re both pretty crazy about the outdoors and surfing . . . and they both require a woman who can go with the flow. At least that’s what Kip says.  Quote, “I freaking love the dude.  We’ve talked about taking some surfing trips together from here on out.  He’s found a girl that can go with the flow too.  She’s the same kind of person he is.

“Somebody was asking me what kind of woman it’ll take for me to settle down with, and it’s definitely gonna take somebody that can go with the flow, that’s for sure.”

We aren’t sure if going with the flow means that the girl is willing to pack a bag and go anywhere at the drop of a dime or if go with the flow means “Hey, im down to do whatever today,” but either way Kip knows what he wants and we don’t have a doubt that he’ll find it.