Even Darius Rucker “Fan Girls” Over A Certain Celebrity 

Posted: 6:17 am Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

By Staff Writer

rucker and ringo.jpg

This right here just proves that these artists are exactly like us. lol They have celebrity crushes and fangirl over other artists… Darius Rucker tell us about one person he always “fan girls” over.  “I’m sitting with Sheryl (Crow), you know, Sheryl and I have known each other for 25 years and we’re sitting back there talking and I look over and Ringo Starr is standing in the corner and I get a little Fan Girlish and I go, ‘That’s freakin’ Ringo Starr’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, Ringo’s a friend of mine, you met him? And I go, ‘I can’t meet Ringo, he’s a Beatle I can’t go… I don’t wanna meet him ’cause I’m gonna make a fool of myself.’ As so she drags me over there to meet him and he’s so great and so courteous and just, you know, telling me how great he thought I was and everything.”