Jason Aldean Shares Why Having A Boy Is So Exciting For Him & His Wife 

Posted: 5:56 am Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Jason Aldean broke the news of the gender of his baby, a few weeks ago with a social media post of him and his family doing  a gender reveal. Jason already has two younger girls and now he has his son. While on the red carpet at the recent CMT Music Awards, Jason Aldean told Entertainment Tonight about how excited he is about having a baby boy with wife Brittany “Both sides of our families are full of girls. I have two, my sister’s got three, [Brittany’s] sister has got two, and so there are no boys at all. And so, for this to be the first boy in the family on both sides is kind of a special thing, I think, for everybody. And everybody’s really excited. And we kinda secretly were hoping it was a boy, too.” Entertainment Tonight also asked Jason and his wife about names they may have in mind for the litte guy and this is what they said…

Jason: “We’re finding out that boy’s names are a lot harder to come up with than girl’s names for some reason, and we got a couple things we like, but nothing for sure.”

Brittany Aldean- “Yeah, nothing solid.”

Jason- “It will be something unique and different. I mean, you know, nothing crazy like a direction — East, West, North, South — none of that stuff. But it will be something cool. Both of us have names that are really common, Jason and Brittany, so, something that’s kind of unique, I think, is kind of our main goal.”

its a………

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