Brad Paisley Has To Eat A Certain Type Of Food While On Tour To “Stay On His Game” 

Posted: 6:31 am Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

By Staff Writer


If you haven’t seen Brad Paisley on tour, that man has EVERYTHING together. I mean he is all over the stage and he is constantly on the go and that has to take a lot of energy. So while he is on tour he keeps healthy foods around to eat and says that “staying on his game depends on it.” He shares, “I’m very lucky that I rarely get sick knock on wood as I say that…here I’m probably going to get something. You’ve got to stay healthy as a singer. That’s the kiss of death, it’s like when you’re watching a football game and one of your favorite players is carted off the field and you’re like ‘Oh no, when will he be back?’ Well, that’s the equivalent of getting a cold for a singer. A whole weekend worth of touring can go out the window if I have laryngitis, so you gotta take care of yourself.