Video: Luke Bryan Almost Injures His Privates After Slipping On Stage 

Posted: 8:52 am Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

By Staff Writer

It’s not a surprise anymore when LUKE BRYAN stumbles and falls on stage. He has done it more times than we can count but this time… he got a little to close for comfort. Over the weekend when he was in the middle of a show, singing “Country Manb” he tried to hop onto a beer cooler but lost his footing and almost landed spread-eagle on top of it. He caught himself within inches of smashing his privates.

He immediately realized how close he was to singing with a high squeaky voice the rest of the show and laughed about it, put his hands over the area, then looked at someone in the audience and mouthed the words, “I almost squished my balls.” Full video from a concert go-er is below…

"I almost squished my balls!" 😂🙏🏻😵❤️😂 #teamluke #lukebryan

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