Maren Morris Makes Huge Purchase and Takes The Next Big Step In Life 

Posted: 7:13 am Thursday, July 6th, 2017

By Staff Writer

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There are definite milestones of becoming a full fledged adult LOL and Maren Morris definitely hit one of those milestones recently when she took a big step in life and bought her first house! It has to be such a good feeling to own something but she says being a homeowner comes with a new set of challenges. She says,“You feel so proud but then you start to see these cracks start to form not like big ones but I put a towel on the towel rack and the whole thing just fell off so I was like, this maybe it’s a good omen. But its hard to see those things happen. But it’s so cool my dog is a lot happier. She’s got a little bit more space. She’s a white German Shepard so she’s got some long legs so she gets to run around and have a yard now.”