Brett Eldredge Hopes To Change Someone’s Life With His Music 

Posted: 5:49 am Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

By Staff Writer


Music heals. It drives people to be better. It makes the world a better place. Everyone has that one song that motivates them and gets them going. For Brett Eldredge, its Brooks & Dunn’s “Believe”. With us being only a few days out from his new self-titled album, Brett hopes that one of the songs off the new songs will strike a chord with fans in the same way and use the power of music help others. “That song ‘Believe’ reminded me of this neighbor that I grew up with most of my life. And we’d go fishing every single day and he was 70 years old and he was like my best friend. He was old man Rigley that white house down the street were I grew up. And we would talk about all the kind of stuff that’s in the song. I remember that was the first song I listened to when I heard he passed away when I was off at college. That song really struck a chord and kinda changed my aspect I guess on some parts of faith and just how to really connect with a song.”