Michael Phelps Addresses Backlash For Racing CGI Great White, Not Real Shark 

Posted: 6:04 am Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Michael Phelps has addressed the backlash he received from Shark Week Fans for racing a CGI Great White Shark instead of a real one. It was promoted for weeks that during shark week, Michael Phelps was going to race a shark. But it was never clarified that it wasn’t going to be a real shark. So of course, some fans were disappointed. “For those of you who are disappointed, I’m sorry for that,” he said in a Facebook Live video on Tuesday. He went on, however, to defend the TV event. “Everybody wants to try to pick on something or say something or complain about something,” he noted. “I had fun racing a shark and seeing those animals up-close and personal. If someone actually wants to get in the ocean and race a great white, go ahead — you aren’t going to get the shark to swim in a straight line — and it would be interesting to see.” He added, “You can believe whatever you want. Everything was either presented on-air during multiple interviews that I did throughout Shark Week or the beginning of the show.”