Kenny Chesney’s Latest Single Is About Todays Younger Generation 

Posted: 5:50 am Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

By Staff Writer

Kenny Chesney’s latest single, “All The Pretty Girls” is posted above. Listen to the lyrics… listen to the words and see if you can pinpoint the parts where Kenny is specifically talking about today’s youth and younger generation because it was written with today’s youth in mind… Kenny says, “’All The Pretty Girls’ is written about young people, and coming of age and learning about yourself. And there is a certain uncertainty that’s with that. This song is about uncertainty…I mean, even at the end, ‘you know, me, I’m headed south because all the pretty girls said.’ There’s no reason to head south… It’s just because they wanted to go there. It’s summer and we’re gonna go there. There’s no certainty in it whatsoever. I think that if anything changes, if there’s anything that’s constant with this, is that that’s still there (laughter), I don’t think anything changes! In a way, there’s probably more uncertainty the older you get.”