Chris Young Starts Go Fund Me For Hurricane Relief- Donates $100K Himself 

Posted: 6:03 am Monday, August 28th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Just when you think you can’t love Chris Young anymore… he goes and does something like this. He pledged over the weekend to donate $100,000 to relief efforts for those devastated by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. According to The Tennessean, Young shared his intentions in a video posted to his social media accounts,  “I’m worried about the people there…Like I said, my friends, family, neighbors…and I want to help. I’m pledging $100,000 directly to a Gofundme account to benefit the Red Cross in an effort to help everyone in Texas that has been affected by this hurricane. If you want to donate, please go to Gofundme dot com slash Harvey Relief. I love you guys and every little bit helps. In times like these you turn to your friends to help those in need and that’s exactly what I’m doing…I hope you’ll donate, and Texas, we love you.” Young also encourages fans to donate via a GoFundMe page that will benefit the Red Cross. If you want to take part in this… here is the GoFundMe account…

The goal is $500K!