Michael Ray Has Message For All Floridians About Hurricane Irma 

Posted: 7:10 am Saturday, September 9th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Michael Ray is a home grown Floridian through and through. Times like this is when its hard to be away from family and friends and he makes that clear in the photo he posted to his social media. He feels for us and even though he can’t be here physically to ride this storm out with us, we are glad he is far away and safe! He captioned his photo “My Heart is breaking watching the News and following the path of Hurricane Irma. As I sit on the bus headed to York PA I can’t help but feel helpless and scared while watching the news and seeing the path of this horrible Hurricane. I am praying for my friends, Family and my ppl of my home state and my home town the state and the ground and the ppl that gave me so much. I love you all and I am praying for your safety. Pls take all proper precautions homes can be rebuilt boats can be replaced but You and your Families CAN’T! Thank you to all 1st responders for all you are doing and will be doing during this time.
Love you all
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