PHOTOS- Maren Morris Gets Fashion Inspiration From Kate Hudson 

Posted: 5:57 am Monday, September 25th, 2017

By Staff Writer

When you are as big of an artist as Maren Morris, you have a professional style you. You have a wardrobe that your professional stylist has picked out based on what is trendy and what looks best on you. But Maren Morris, before she got a where she is got inspiration from an actress we all know very well, Miss Kate Hudson!  Maren says, “I’ve always said like my fashion muse has been Kate Hudson because I feel like she sort of goes throughout the decades fashionwise and just kind of pulls everything off really effortlessly. But you can’t really…it’s just her style. She’s not like boho, she’s not like hippie…it’s just she always like rocks whatever she’s wearing and looks really confident in it.” So after she says that it’s very clear that even with a professional stylist, as long as she rocks whatever she wears with confidence, Maren Morris will always be channeling Kate Hudson in her outfits!
You can see a resemblance in outfits here…