Dierks Bentley Goes To Vegas To Visit First Responders & Hear Their Stories 

Posted: 6:19 am Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Dierks Bentley was very emotional after the Vegas Massacre, and rightfully so. We were all a little messed up from it, but for Dierks Bentey it hit home a little harder for him. He took to instagram right after it happned, while he was donating blood for the vicitims in need, he shared to his instagram a photo of him smiling with a nurse and captioned it “First smile in two days thanks to being around other donors and great people @americanredcross #redcross@fiddlindan.
I haven’t really been able to function at all since the shooting. such deep sorrow. sadness. heavy and dark. My relationship with country music fans, as well as my band and my crew’s relationship with them, is something we all cherish so deeply. some of those friendships have been forged for well over a decade. my heart breaks over and over again for all those fans in Las Vegas and their families.”

So now, to continue lifting peoples spirits in Vegas, Dierks has shown up to meet all the first responders that live and work in that city. He shared more photos to his instagram of him at the Trauma center in Vegas and of him at the fire department with all the Vegas fire fighters. He captioned those photos with “thank you @umcsn for letting me stop by and hang with y’all for a little bit. thank you for sharing your stories and your time. i needed that. #vegas#vegasstrong #firstresponders” and “few more from #Vegastonight. everyday heroes among us.” The photos are below…

stopping by #vegas to say hi to some folks

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few more from #Vegas tonight. everyday heroes among us.

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