Thomas Rhrett Says First Christmas With Kids Will Be Like Being A Kid Again Himself 

Posted: 6:29 am Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Thomas Rhett has a lot to look forward to this year for the holidays. He has accomplished so much over the last year but better yet, he’s a dad! This is the first year that he actually gets to put a Christmas together for a child. And Willa Gray is old enough to understand gifts and toys so this will be a fun time in the Akins household. Thomas Rhett even tells us how having kids is changing his Christmas this year.

Thomas Rhett: ” You know, growing up, waiting for Christmas felt like you were sitting there waiting for six years. And now that we have kids I do think that like that little anxious feeling of ‘God it’s gonna take forever to fall asleep tonight’ is gonna be back because we know that that’s what Willa and Ada are thinking about. So, it’ll be fun.”

And Thomas Rhett and Lauren have always been HUGE Christmas people. They go all out on the decor and last night, they even went Christmas Caroling (check out Lauren Akins and Hayley Hubbards Instagram Story).