Dan + Shay Open Up About Huge Life Changes 

Posted: 6:27 am Friday, January 12th, 2018

By Staff Writer

In the last few years, Dan + Shay have gone through some real-life changes such as both guys getting married and Shay Mooney becoming a father. And most recently just releasing new music not even two weeks into the new year. These guys had a big 2017 for sure but 2018 is already starting off huge! Shay talks about how life is today:  “Definitely getting married for both of us has definitely changed our perspective on you know, our priorities and what we’re doing this whole thing for. And having a baby definitely puts my priorities back at home. You know, you never think that you could love something that much when you have a baby. It’s mind-blowing it’s an immediate change and obviously it’s been a transition being on the road is definitely harder now.”

dan baby

dan wedding

shay mooney