Thomas Rhett Reveals News On Future Family Additions 

Posted: 6:12 am Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Thomas Rhett’s mindset, according to what he told Us Weekly on the Grammy red carpet on Sunday, January 28. is that a happy wife (and mother) is a happy life! Smart man. His family is quickly growing from 2 to 4 in the last year when they adopted Willa Gray from Uganda in May of last year (2017) and welcomed in a newborn baby of their own back in August of 2017, Ada James.

Thomas Rhett Tells US Weekly, “They grow so fast. I know that is so cliché to hear, but my littlest is 6 months now, and our other one is 2 years. So, it’s fun to watch them grow and form into their personalities.”

In January, Akins, 28, told Us Weekly that while it may be “hard” having two little ones so close in age, she definitely wants more kids. In fact, she wants a “full house,” and it appears she may get her wish.

“In a perfect world, she would want five [kids],” the singer explained to Us at the Grammys. “I would be good with three, so we’ll probably have five.”