Cole Swindell Reads “The Worst Break Up Lines Ever” 

Posted: 6:10 am Friday, March 16th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Cole Swindell has revealed that he tends to be a “runner” when it comes to romantic relationships. “Before it gets too serious or whatever, I just don’t wanna hurt anybody because I know what that’s like,” he admits in a new interview with Taste of Country. “And I think that may have affected my relationships.” In honor of his latest single “Break Up In the End,” Swindell also read a variety of bad breakup lines. Among them were, “Roses are red, violets are blue, garbage is dumped, now so are you” and “It’s not you, it’s your taste in music.” Ouch. Here is the full video by Taste of Country with Cole Swindell’s “Worst Break Up Lines Ever.”

This is the exact opposite of what he did with Taste of Country back in 2016 with the “worst pickup lines ever” and man, if Cole Swindell picked you up with one of the pick up lines in the video below, and then dumped you with one of the break up lines above, you got a problem. LOL

Also, here is his new single “Break Up in the End”… What do you think of it?