Tequila Has Become More Than Just A Song To Dan + Shay While They’re On Tour 

Posted: 6:22 am Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Dan + Shay’s new song, Tequila, was quickly a fan favorite! And If you follow the guys on social media, you may have seen that quite a few Tequila brands have sent them bottles of tequila as a gift for their new song. So of course, after a while, Tequila is going to be something they drink. And it has actually been a part of Dan + Shay’s live shows since way before they recorded a song about it:

Dan Smyers shares that “We go through a good bit of tequila out on the road, it gives us a little burst of energy before we go onstage. You know, we’ll do a celebratory little shot and sip one while we’re onstage. And it just like naturally became our drink of choice out on the Dan + Shay band and crew.”

The duo’s single “Tequila” is nearing the Top 30 on the charts this week.