Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Gets Backlash For April Fools Joke 

Posted: 6:22 am Monday, April 2nd, 2018

By Staff Writer

One of the most common, go to jokes on April fools is always the “I’m pregnant” joke. It always gets a huge response from the person getting pranked, like Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. His wife actually went out of her way to get a prop for the prank as well and got a pregnancy test that showed the two pink lines to more convince Tyler that it wasn’t a joke. She stated in the comments that the pregnancy test was one she had saved from when she found out she was pregnant with Olivia… When she finally got him to believe it, that’s when she said “April Fools.” She got the whole thing on camera as well and posted it to her Instagram with the caption “And then there were 2 pink lines… watch Tyler’s reaction at the end 🙈😂”

But if you take some time and read through the comments on the Instagram post from the night of April 1st, you’ll see that there is an array of different types of comments from “This is the best video ever 😂 Tyler’s reaction is priceless “…oh no….” and then “how’d you make that do that?” 😭😂😂” to some of her followers who were not happy about the joke and made comments like “Being able to be pregnant is a blessing and some people want to make a joke of it. It’s not funny when you want to get pregnant and start a family and can’t so if you are great congratulations but it’s not something to joke about.” To each there own, I guess!