Kane Brown Has Strange Fan Encounter At His Home 

Posted: 6:01 am Thursday, May 17th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Well, we would have to say that strange is an understatement with this situation. Kane Brown was in an interview the other day and recalled a time where a fan recognized his truck in his driveway and actually brought him stuff… “He came and knocked on the door. We had just ordered pizza and it had been 30 minutes and I thought the pizza was there… So we go get the pizza, thinking it’s the pizza guy, and this guy throws a 12-pack of Coors Light in my hand and throws a bag of wine in [my fiancée’s] hand and sprints off the porch.” The best part is, that after he explains the story he sends out a warning to all the future fans who may “recognize his truck.” He goes on to explain that the encounter left him a little rattled, as he had no idea what was in the bag before he opened it. Fans, however, should be warned: Brown recently bought a new home and allows his big dogs to roam the yard.