Sam Hunt’s New Song Is Autobiographical About His Marriage 

Posted: 7:15 am Thursday, May 31st, 2018

By Staff Writer

All of Sam Hunt’s huge hits were from when he was broken up with his girlfriend (now wife) and he was inspired to sing about breakups and love. There was worry in the country music community now that Sam Hunt was back with her and married and happy, we wouldn’t be getting any new music. Then came “Downtown’s Dead”  which he admits the song is still about his relationship with his now-wife Hannah Fowler. “There was a time where they broke up when his career was taking off. There were things going on around him that he didn’t want to experience without her,” Zach Crowell tells Taste of Country. “…So it’s a little autobiographical [about] where he was once the success had come, saying that, ‘It’s going good all around me, but I’m not satisfied.’” Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne also contributed to the track.