Russell Dickerson Creates Next Internet Craze, The Zaddys 

Posted: 8:12 pm Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

By Staff Writer

If you follow Russell Dickerson or his wife, Kailey, on social media then you may have seen that they have started a new internet craze. They are obsessed with the Nike Monarch shoes and have all their fans knowing where they stand. It’s hilarious because Russell calls them the daddy of dad shoes.

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His fans know all about this craze too becuase he posted this photo the other day asking for people to caption it and if you read through some of the comments, most of them are in regards to the Nike Monarchs…

If you follow him on social media then you may have seen his Instagram story which shows his obsession way more than these few Instagram posts… He even bought his entire band a pair of shoes for fathers day! Now they all match.