Jason Aldean‘s Wife Had 2 Major Losses Over Weekend 

Posted: 8:15 pm Monday, August 6th, 2018

By Staff Writer

What a punch in the gut. Brittany Aldean has a rough weekend. She took to social media to announce that on Saturday (8/4) she lost her 94 year old grandmother and her dog that she’s had since she was 19. We can’t imagine. She took to her Instagram to pour her heart out so her fans can be kept in the loop of what’s going on in her life.

This past Saturday, heaven gained two of the most amazing angels…My grandmother and my dog, Bentley (Mr B). This isn’t something I’d usually share on social media, but I know many of y’all have come to love Mr B. especially because he was such a major part of my life and in so many of my pictures. He truly was the best dog, my first born, my little chunky companion since I was 19 years old…there will never be another like him💔😔 Where there were dog bowls and beds, now there are only memories of that sweet little ‘toof’ and loud snores💙 And as for my grandma, those who knew her all say the same thing… she was so feisty, sweet and funny, even at 94😌 Man oh man was she a favorite in our family. They are both missed oh so much😔Thanks for the kind words and support… it helps heal these broken hearts. Xo

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Nothing’s cuter than a baby/bulldog conversation

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