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Tyler Hubbard of FGL and Wife Get Asked To Name Newborn Baby

  • 12:23 am Friday, October 5th, 2018 by Staff Writer

Talk about a crazy year for the Hubbard Family…

The success of Florida Georgia Line with their music and other business ventures is skyrocketing, they welcomed a baby girl into the world (Miss Olivia), and they are traveling a lot to other countries to help out orphanages similar to what Thomas Rhett and Lauren did when they decided to adopt Willa Gray…

The two talked a while back about thinking of adopting for their second or third child in the future but at the moment was just trying to learn how to be parents to a soon-to-be toddler. Maybe soon they will [More]

Carrie Underwood Talks About Rick Leaving “The Walking Dead”

  • 2:00 pm Thursday, October 4th, 2018 by Staff Writer

Are you a huge fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Because Carrie Underwood LOVES it and she joins the rest of the fans of the show in being upset about Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, announcing that this will be his last season…

She said in a recent interview: “Like, I’m in it, you know what I mean. So, you know, he leaves I’m still gonna watch. So, like, I’ve invested eight years of my life so far, and this will be the ninth so far he’ll still be there at least. You know they’re gonna save it for like the finale. [More]

Brett Eldredge Taking Christmas Album On The Road

  • 8:33 am Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 by Staff Writer

Brett Eldredge will be in Orlando October 18th at the Doctor Phillips Center for Performing Arts, however just a month later he’ll be hitting the road for only FIVE select holiday shows around his deluxe holiday album Glow.

“I love Christmas music more than just about anything in the world,” said Brett. “The ride ‘Glow’ has taken me on has been so much fun, so now we’ve decided to make it deluxe. We’re also touring with these holiday songs in some of the most magical Christmas cities in North America. I can’t wait.”

Brett will support the new album with a five-date [More]

Brad Paisley & Wife Kimberly Open Grocery Store For Those In Need

  • 8:04 am Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 by Staff Writer

A bar on Broadway? Nope. An enormous entertainment venue with live music? Nope.

A grocery store for those in need in Nashville? Yes….that’s what Brad Paisley wanted to do with wife Kimberly to make a difference in their community.

It’s literally called “The Store” and it’s a modern version of a food pantry that is set up like a free grocery store and it’s in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

“This is a grocery store with dignity for people who have fallen on hard times,” says Paisley, president of The Store’s board of trustees. “All of us are one [More]

Luke Bryan’s Mom Has Own Set of Instagram Fans

  • 6:31 am Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 by Staff Writer

Luke Bryan’s mom LeClaire has made her debut on Instagram – and it’s been funny watch Caroline (Luke’s wife share videos and photos of Luke’s mom on her Instagram too).

She definitely looks like a good time!

Christian and Brody are on it. Love them so much

A post shared by LeClaire Bryan (@leclaire.bryan) on Sep 15, 2018 at [More]

Pistole Annies Make Huge Announcement

  • 10:21 am Friday, September 28th, 2018 by Staff Writer

The PISTOL ANNIES are back and they are making sure everyone knows all about it! They are coming out with NEW MUSIC! An entire new album was announced along with the title, track listing, and release date of their new album.  It’s called “Interstate Gospel”, and it’s out November 2nd.

Here’s what they said about it on Twitter:  “The best way to describe this record is that it sounds like three women came unleashed and told a bunch of truth.  We didn’t hold back and we’re proud of it.”

They released three new tracks from album.  Those are:  “Best Years of My [More]

The First Look of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers

  • 7:16 am Friday, September 28th, 2018 by Staff Writer

I don’t know why, but for some reason now more than ever Mr. Rogers creeps me ou and I watched it just as much as the next guy (or girl).

Regardless, Tom Hanks is playing the iconic neighborhood fella in a movie due out October 2019, and here’s the first look:

Kane Brown’s Side Business: Brown’s BBQ Sauce!

  • 6:09 am Friday, September 28th, 2018 by Staff Writer

Yes, this is legit.

Kane Brown recently revealed in an interview, “It’s called Brown’s Barbeque. I’ve got my LLC done already, and now I just gotta get somebody to make it. And, what is it? [I need] a distributor, yeah. And hopefully we can get it, yeah. And I wanna be that guy that like walks down the red carpet with barbeque sauce in my pocket.”

How did it even come up? Kane also explained how it all started with visiting his fiancee’s family: “Her dad’s really close friends with a guy there that owns a hotel where we ate every night. [More]

Kane Brown Releases Song “Short Skirt Weather”

  • 5:53 am Friday, September 28th, 2018 by Staff Writer

This is probably one of the most fun songs I’ve ever heard Kane Brown do – and honestly I don’t know if he’s ever put something out that sounds like this – and I’m lovin’ it! Check out “Short Skirt Weather” from Kane’s new album that’ll be out in November:

Jana Kramer Admits To Being Nervous About Having Two Kids

  • 10:29 am Thursday, September 27th, 2018 by Staff Writer

Jana Kramer has had a rough go when it comes to pregnancies and babies. She has had a total of 5 miscarriages and now is about to give birth to her second child. She admitted on Twitter Wednesday she is “nervous” to welcome her baby boy in just nine short weeks. “I freak out when I don’t feel kicks and I’m feeling overwhelmed with the transition to two,” Kramer captioned a photo of her growing baby bump. “But that’s normal right? Please just tell me it is.” Kramer and her husband Michael Caussin confirmed in June they were expecting their [More]

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